« Man, we welcome you as a king in our hotel»


Southwest Nigeria in the 12th century, was founded by the Kingdom of Benin Edo (Yoruba). The city of IFE was the spiritual capital and main focus of a great civilization that radiated throughout West Africa and reached its peak in the 13th century. This cultural influence reached us by the quality and quantity of bronze sculptures and ivory dating from the 10th to the 12th century (British Museum).

The name EDA or Dada is often given by the Ewe to mothers, our mothers in the maritime areas of southern Benin, Togo, Ghana. So we have also retained the name EDA to dedicate this resort to all African mothers of our villages, Togo, mothers who have suffered and are still suffering in poverty in their lives to feed their children.

On both sides of the hotel entrance, two sculptures of two women, each with her child, the last work of the late Professor Paul AHYI, symbolize the dedication to our mothers. Among other sufferings, they traveled to foot kilometers luggage on their heads and children back, to reach distant markets from which they brought back late enough to feed their children.

EDA mothers! Homage to you, who are over you in this world and who still suffer for the survival of your children; it is of your breasts, your suffering, your pride and your dignity that your children have drawn milk courage and strength to build a day a new living environment; their work is yours for a new Africa and for future generations.



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